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Celebrating our 11th Year of Making the Difference!!!


Broken Chains Ministry is a faith based non-profit organization, headquartered in the Summit County Jail in Akron, Ohio. We are governed by and accountable to our Board of Advisors comprised of local business and community leaders. Broken Chains Ministry serves Summit County and the Northeast Ohio Region.


Our mission is to engage former offenders for the purpose of  reintegration back into the community, thereby lowering recidivism rates in our region and multiplying public safety. By this, the entire community benefits as a result.


Broken Chains Ministry is actively engaged in one-on-one visitation with men and women while they are incarcerated at the Summit County Jail. Utilizing its full time staff and a core of over 30 volunteer mentors, Broken Chains Ministry establishes relationships with men and women that help to overcome issues from their past. Broken Chains Ministry is personally involved in helping to overcome the barriers of employment through its Workforce Development Program, and other barriers by its collaborations through the Summit County Reentry Network, a network of over 80 area organizations. Broken Chains Ministry then gets personally involved in helping men and women successfully transition from incarceration to community.


• In Summit County Jail, approximately 16,000 men and women will be incarcerated this year.

• At any given time, there are approximately 600+ inmates in Summit County Jail.

• In the state of Ohio penal and correctional facilities the following applies:

• 67% come from a broken or dysfunctional home

• 95% of men in prison had no father figure

• 67% have prior prison records (recidivism)

• 75% have drug/alcohol abuse issues

• 80% of female inmates have been physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally abused

• 50% of male inmates have been physically or mentally abused

• 40% are below the literacy rate that would allow them to function normally in society

The September 2004 Crossroad News states that “Barna Research, Prison Fellowship and New York University all discovered a 60 percent reduction in the recidivism rate when prisoners have been mentored during incarceration … most mentored prisoners will never commit crime again…ever.”

See this report at the link: Crossroads Newsletter

The odds are stacked against these individuals and they seek community support so that the entire community benefits as a result.

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